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Rosie & Bright Holiday - December 2018

During this holiday season, we are supporting Brenner Children’s Hospital to help make the season Rosie & Bright for families spending the holidays in the hospital. 

Please join us by making a donation to Make Life Rosie through our website's donation page. Money raised will be used to purchase gifts for both the patient and their siblings from their holiday wish list. 

Nothing warms a Mother’s heart like seeing the joy in their children’s eyes on Christmas morning. With your generosity we can all Make Life Rosie this holiday for these families!!

Make A Mother's Day - Spring 2018

Our FIRST ANNUAL Mother's Day Fundraiser!! We spread some much needed joy to the Moms with children being treated at Wake Forest Baptist Health -  Brenner Children's Hospital in Winston-Salem, NC. With our community, family and friends kind donations we curated Make Life Rosie bags filled with everything a mother would need during their time at the hospital with their child, along with some tokens to lift her spirits and give her some loving strength. We were able to raise over $6000 and were able to curate 50 bags for all the Moms! Our goal is to expand this more and more each year to other children's hospitals around the US. Help us make our Rosie dreams come true by donating today!!


Make Life Rosie Submission - Spring 2018

"What an unexpected surprise today! An angel in my life knew I needed some encouragement during this season in my life - Mother’s Day was hard this year without mom and we are approaching the one year date of being without her and it has been a much harder year than I could have ever prepared for. It was such a sweet surprise to be called to the office today for flowers and a bag full of goodies from a non-profit organization called Make Life Rosie. This organization sends uplifting cards and gifts to women and moms that need a little boost! What a wonderful way to honor their own mom’s loving and caring spirit! 
Thank you Rosie Girls for the sweet service you provide by loving on those that need it most! Thank you to my anonymous angel that submitted my name- I hope you know how blessed and loved I feel!" - Make Life Rosie Recipient 



Make Life Rosie Submission - Spring 2018

A Rosie follower submitted her son’s Kindergarten teacher at Whitaker Elementary in Winston-Salem, NC who is an expecting Mommy and just suffered a tragic loss in her family. With your donations we were able to buy her car seat and surprise her in front of her class!! Needless to say there were not many dry eyes, thank you all for helping us spread some much deserved Rosie Love!!


Brenner's Moms - Valentine's Day 2017

Valentine's 2017 we ran our first big fundraiser and it was such a rewarding success we have decided to do this annually for Mother's Day starting 2018. Through the help of our wonderful friends, family and community we were able to raise enough money to supply 50 bags to mothers with at children being treated at Wake Forest Baptist Health Brenner Children's Hospital in Winston Salem, NC. The feedback from the Mother's was more than we could have ever hoped for. The first grade children at Forsyth Country Day School took time out of their busy school day to help us build the goody bags as their service project for the school year. 

Saving Caroline - Summer 2016

Last Summer, our dear friend and mothers of two sweet girls, Caroline, was having a horrific time battling Lymes Disease. Her options, funds and hope were running dangerously thin. If you know anything about the disease you know how crippling it can be to a person. The hardest battle for her was not being able to be the mother she wanted to be to her girls. This was truly heartbreaking to witness! After much research Caroline came across a treatment a doctor was doing in Arizona, but had no idea how they would afford it. That is when we stepped in and started a fundraiser to get Caroline to Arizona to get the treatment. Not only was our fundraising a success but so was the treatment. Caroline is doing so much better today and is living life happily again with her lovely little ladies.

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